New Construction Window and Replacement Single Hung


Shwinco New Construction 7000 Series

The 7000 series vinyl window, from Shwinco is a heavy duty, thin framed single hung window.  This window is perfect as a New Construction Window but with a versatile frame, it is also suited as a replacement window.

 Built with high Design Pressures, Starting at a DP75, the 7000 single hung is made for heavy wind and rain.  It can be installed in most areas, including coast lines depending on size.  

Although the  7000 vinyl single hung window is designed for New construction, it also has frame configurations for:  J-Channel, Block and Wood frame with Flange and retro fit box frame.  This allows for installation of its windows across a multitude of platforms.  From your new house to your existing house, the 7000 single hung window fits them all.

Shwinco's 7000 vinyl window is not only a strong window, but an economical window as well.  With a low starting price and affordable LowE/Argon packages, this single hung window can not only make you home look great, but can keep money in your pocket as well.

Take a look at the pricing below, and if you need a full quote for your home, let us know by contacting us.