CWS 8100 Vinyl Impact Windows

Custom Window Systems Impact Vinyl Windows 8100 HVHZ

CWS has been innovating and introducing products that meet or exceed the most stringent coastal requirements, including full High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) ratings. The WindPact Plus Series is an example of CWS innovation.

CWS Builds in all of the newest advances in engineering and technology while never compromising on quality. This ensures that the WindPact Plus Series from CWS not only fits better and looks better, it also performs better.

Custom Window Systems WindPact Plus product line is designed for homes in Florida, homes in hurricane impact zones (HVHZ) and coastal markets.

One of the major design features of CWS insulated glass package is placing the laminated piece of glass to the interior of the home. A sacrificial piece of non-laminated glass is placed on the exterior of the home. When a heavy impact occurs, the WindPact Plus design keeps the major breakage outside the home. This allows the interior of the home is relatively free and safe from large, broken sharp and dangerous pieces of glass.

WindPact Plus Large Missile Vinyl Impact Windows

  1. Multiple hollow chambers for strength and insulation (3 times the amount found on most other vinyl window brands) 
  2. Dual-pane laminated insulated glass with argon gas fill (standard)
  3. Extruded double wall Florida flange available on all frame types
  4. Thick Vinyl walls for added structural integrity
  5. Covered weep holes in the sill control water penetration and drainage


  • Certified to Meet or Exceed Expectations:
  • All CWS vinyl windows are AAA and NFRC certified, and are compliant with ENERGY STAR and Green Building standards when ordered with LowE 366
  • Features to help satisfy LEED credits
  • Tested to Miami-Dade County, Florida and ASTM specifications
  • HVHZ Approvals on ALL Products


  • Control overall comfort and temperature levels year round


  • Lesson energy costs from air conditioning and heating


  • Safety from flying debris
  • Forced entry resistance-keep intruders out
  • Laminated glass is on the inside of the house protecting your home and family from sharp and dangerous pieces of glass

Sun UV Ray Protection

Sun UV Ray Protection

  • Decrease heat gain in your home from direct sunlight-Laminated IG blocks 99.7% of UV rays
  • Protects hardwood floors, furniture and textiles from fading

See impact glass stopping large missile impact:



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