Hurricane Windows

Why Impact Windows?

Hurricane Impact Resistant windows provide 24 Hour, 365 day protection from wind borne debris (assuming they are closed and locked). You have many advantages with Impact Windows: no shutters to put up, no shutters to remember to close, no plywood to cut and put up and no emergency escapes to cover up – in other words, continuous impact protection.

Unlike hurricane shutters, impact windows are structurally part of the home and makes it more difficult for wind to get behind the windows and pull them off,  which can occur for some shutters and plywood.

While clear shutters do exist, they are less common, and more expensive so you see them installed less.  Vinyl impact windows and aluminum impact windows, windows provide the added advantage of letting light in and keeping you safe but allows you to escape as needed.

Prestige Vinyl Doors



The Prestige Collection is a complete door system. With availability as a Single Swing Door, French Door Double Panel, Operable Sidelight or Unequal Operable Panels. Prestige doors are available in either impact resistant or non-impact rated. When you are looking for a French Door replacement for your existing sliding glass door, look no further than the Prestige line. Prestige offers you a FULL size French Door, even for 8′ WIDE sliding doors (Impact only at this time), without sidelites! No more settling for sidelites when you don’t need them. Of course if you want sidelites, no problem, you can have them open if you would like for ventilation. To compliment your new French Door, install a new Genius hidden Screen. No more losing out on fresh air because of bugs. Just open your door and close the screen and enjoy the outside. Whether you are in Tallahassee, or St. George Island, or even in Michigan, the Prestige door collection has everything you need.

Wooden 2" blinds

Blinds and Shutters

Your home just isn’t complete without Blinds and or Plantation Shutters.  Blinds and Shutters put the finishing touch on your rooms.  They not only allow for privacy and shade, but the right blind or shutter will also compliment a room and turn it from just plain to outstanding!

Wooden 2" blinds


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Blinds & Shutters

BetterVue Screen

Better View Screen Windows and Doors

BetterVue® Screen

A better insect screen with a good view, providing:

  • 10% better insect protection
  • 20% better airflow
  • 10% clearer vew

BetterVue® Screen is woven from small, refined yarns that improve the screen’s openness, making visibility sharper and more brilliant.  Although the fiberglass screen also provides enhanced light transmittance and airflow, the mesh’s aperture opening is 30 percent smaller than standard fiberglass insect screens to increase insect protection.

BetterVue ® Screen is manufactured by Phifer Inc., is a GREEGUARD certified product.