CWS 650 Aria – Vinyl Double Hung Windows

Custom Window Systems - Aria Double Hung Window - Vinyl - Non Impact - Security Glass available

Aria 650 Double Hung – A Better Vinyl Window

Need a big Double Hung window 53 x 76?  No problem.  

Need that big window to meet DP50 for the Coast?  Sure, No Problem.

The Aria 650 Double Hung Window, by Custom Window Systems, was designed and built specifically for Florida and the South. Of course you can use it anywhere in the country you want, assuming you want a good looking vinyl window that meets 180mph wind speeds.

The 650 Double Hung frame is multi-chambered, heavy vinyl.  It has a re-enforced meeting rail and a fusion welded frame.  The sashes inside edges are rolled vinyl to to give it smooth, clean lines, more reminiscent of a wood window than a vinyl window.  The outside frame features an ogee style curve to compliment any house exterior.

You can get the Aria 650 Double Hung in a few different configurations.  New Construction with Flange and Fin.  Block and replacement frame with just a flange.  Replacement box frame.

Aria 650 Series – Vinyl Double Hung Window

Standard Features and Benefits:

  • Meets or exceeds all Energy Star standards
  • Both sashes tilt for easy cleaning
  • 7/8" Standard insulated glass with Argon gas for Ultraviolet and thermal protection
  • Low-E glass 270, 240, 366 available
  • Energy efficient non-metallic spacer system for reduced condensation
  • Constant Force stainless steel balance system
  • Recessed tilt latches
  • Fusion-welded construction without fasteners
  • Heavy duty, dual fin weather-stripping at all points where vinyl meets vinyl
  • Rugged BetterVue Full Screen
  • Dual sash limiting ventilation latches
  • 655 Series Picture Window to complement the 650 Double Hung window

650N Series

New Construction Series

Available Frame Types:

  • Self-locking sash locks
  • 1-1/2" Pre-punched Nail Fin
  • 5/8" serrated, double walled Front Flange
  • Fin/Flange combo

650R Series

Replacement Window

Available Frame Types:

  • Self-locking sash locks
  • 5/8" serrated, double walled Front Flange
  • Box Frame